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Plumbing System

Source text – English Polyplumb is an integrated flexible plumbing system incorporating polybutylene pipes and a complementary range of push-fit fittings for use in hot and cold water supply and central heating installations. The Polyplumb System is available in 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm diameter pipe and fittings. The Polyplumb system combines ease of installation […]

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MAG-LED Technology

Source text: English Anthony Maglica, known for his obsession with precision engineering, craftsmanship and commitment to perfection, was not satisfied with the performance of a “regular” LED as a usable light source. Mr. Maglica set his sights on producing an LED light source that would not only incorporate longer battery life, but would also have the […]

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Secadero Semicontinuo

Source text: Spanish 1. – INTRODUCCIÓN. El objeto de este manual es sentar las bases generales para un correcto funcionamiento del Secadero Semicontinuo desde los puntos de vista teórico y práctico. Recomendamos el seguimiento de todos los puntos tratados para conseguir el mejor rendimiento posible de dicho secadero. Es importante observar todas las medidas de […]

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Ventiladores de impulso

Ventiladores de Impulso de gran alcance 400oC/2h, 300oC/1h y 200oC/2h, unidireccionales o reversibles. Ventilador: Conjunto de ventilador unidireccional o reversible compuestos de ventilador, silenciadores, deflectores y soportes, homologados para evacuación de humos, según norma EN-12101-3-2002, con certificación No: 0370-CPD-0394 Hélices orientables en fundición de aluminio, diseñadas para obtener grandes empujes Rejilla de protección contra contactos […]

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Freeze Dryer Use Manual

Source text – English 3. Operating Hazards The following points should be observed when operating the freeze dryer. Operators should read all instructions pertinent to the operation of the freeze dryer before starting any work on the unit. Ensure all materials (especially organic solvents) are removed from the system before start up. Ensure all necessary […]

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Source text – English Reference Document on Best Available Techniques for Mineral Oil and Gas Refineries GENERAL INFORMATION The purpose of refining is to convert natural raw materials such as crude oil and natural gas into useful saleable products. Crude oil and natural gas are naturally occurring hydrocarbons found in many areas of the world […]

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Frank Loader System

Source text – English Unscrambler The Unscrambler may be equipped with either orange or white V-Belts. both color of V-belts are equivalent in form, fit, and function. Regardless of color, the procedures contained in this section are applicable. Unscrambler Rake Height – Adjustment The unscrambler rake (1, figure 8-9) prevents product, that is not properly […]

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