Welsh placenames

imagesThis guide is designed to help you understand more about the role of the Welsh language in the origins of place names in Britain. It comprises:

They are available together as an eBook:

Guide to Welsh origins of place names in Britain

The Introduction and the Glossary are also available for download together as a Guide to Welsh origins of place names in Britain.

Our policy on the use of Welsh in place names forms part of our Welsh Language Scheme.

Ordnance Survey is grateful to the University of Bangor, for its assistance in determining Welsh names.

Mae Arolwg Ordnans yn ddiolchgar i Brifysgol Bangor am eu cymorth wrth benderfynu ar enwau Cymreig.

We also publish guides to how place names have been influenced by the GaelicScots and Scandinavian languages.

(from The Ordnance Survey)

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