Confidentiality and Legal Notes

imagesConfidentiality and Data Security

NO JOBS ARE OR WILL BE OUTSOURCED. For security reasons, I maintain a mirror back-up of all jobs on a NAS, which assures the recovery of data in case of failure. Moreover, I back-up jobs on a 1T external device and run a real-time back-up via a 1T Time Machine and by a synchronisation tool on a daily basis.

Disputes and Claims

In reference to translations, any disputes can refer to grammatical and/or spelling errors as well as the misinterpretation or comprehension of the text, barring all disputes concerning the style of the translation and the technical terminology used should me not have received adequate terminological references concerning the latter point, which have been approved by the customer, as well as explanations, reference material (images, etc.) and all other information concerning the purpose of the document, in order to dispel any translation misinterpretation.

Professional Insurance

MFL Professional Partnerships
Barlow House – Minshull Street
Manchester M1 3DZ – England


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