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Rights of the Translator

Text of the Rights of the Translator, approved by the Congress at Dubrovnik in 1963, and amended in Oslo on July 9, 199 Section II RIGHTS OF THE TRANSLATOR 13. Every translator shall enjoy all the rights with respect to the translation he/she has made, which the country where he/she exercises his/her activities grants to […]

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Dieci regole per il traduttore professionista

Il traduttore professionista rispetta delle regole che garantiscono al cliente un rapporto di lavoro corretto e di alta qualità. Il traduttore professionista ha un rapporto onesto con il cliente, risponde in modo gentile alle richieste di servizi, tariffe ecc.; Accetta solo lavori che rientrano nel suo ambito di conoscenze, risorse e per i quali dispone […]

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The Invitrogen Protocol

Source text: English (…) Integrity in the Workplace Summary We value the vibrant employment environment that comes from having a diverse employee population, making employment decisions based on merit, and promoting the equal opportunity and fair treatment of all individuals. We expect our employees to follow a simple standard: all employees and others whom we encounter […]

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Terms and Conditions

1. Scope 1.1 These General Conditions apply to all and any agreements between Maria Antonietta Ricagno (hereinafter “the Translator”) and her clients, except any different and express agreement in writing. 1.2 The Client’s General Conditions will only be binding after the Translator has expressly accepted them. 1.3 The Translator will accept the job using the […]

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How to Be a Better Proofreader

This is an article from Corinne McKay‘s ‘s blog Thoughts On Translation. It deals with a very important part of the translator’s work: when it comes to fine-tuning the final translation, it is important to know how to proofread it effectively. If you’re looking to move up in the translation market, more effective proofreading is […]

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