Storia naturale del latino. La storia della lingua più famosa del mondo. Ediciones Baleares 2015, ISBN ISBN 978-84-941412-1-8.

Storia naturale del latino. La storia della lingua più famosa del mondo

Nessuna lingua conosciuta, compreso l’inglese, ha ottenuto il successo e la longevità del latino. Il francese, lo spagnolo, l’italiano e il rumeno sono enumerate tra le sue più dirette discendenti e innumerevoli sono le parole e le espressioni latine che troviamo nello stesso inglese. Storia naturale del latino è la traduzione e adattamento per i lettori […]

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Caedmon Manuscript


“Old English,” also termed “Anglo-Saxon,” was and is simply the form of the English language that predates the Norman Conquest of 1066. The first line of the earliest poem in Old English, a prayer called “Cædmon’s Hymn,” largely unfamiliar to modern English speakers, offers a taste of this forgotten language: Nu sculon herigean heofonrices weard […]

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In 1996, linguist D’Armond Speers became notorious for attempting to raise his baby son Alec as the world’s first native speaker of Klingon, an invented language from the Star Trek universe. Speers eventually abandoned the experiment when his son showed a marked reluctance, at the tender age of five, to use the language, but that hasn’t stopped other Klingon […]

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Six One-Day Law Courses: London: September / November, 2017

Six One-Day Law Courses: London: September / November, 2017 Lexacom English Law Courses is presenting six ONE-DAY CPD courses in Central London and they will take place at the St Giles Hotel in the West End of London near Tottenham Court Road tube station. The address is Bedford Avenue, London, WC1B 3GH. Friday, 8th September, 2017   “English Legal System” (Courts, Civil & Criminal […]

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El arco de Tito, en el foro de Roma, construido para celebrar las victorias del emperador en Judea. RON SACHS (CORDON PRESS)

El latín, ¿lengua oficial de la UE?

El éxito editorial de un profesor italiano demuestra que el idioma fundacional de la cultura europea goza de buena salud y podría resucitar como argumento identitario para un continente en horas bajas. Una de las escenas más pintorescas de Il sorpasso (Dino Risi, 1962) concierne al pasaje en que unos sacerdotes alemanes detienen el Alfa […]

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Scriptio continua

The practice of the late Latin scripts often involved writing without any breaks between the words or sentences. This writing mode is known with the definition of scriptio continua, which means ‘continuous writing’. In the previous example, which is in uncial script, we can see et nunc praeceptum hoc in the first two rows, with no […]

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The Germans: Latin influences

The first and most ancient contacts between Latins and Germans date back roughly to the period from the first to the fourth century. a. C., that is, during the time of Caesar and Augustus. They began at first as a result of trade contacts between the two peoples and then spread to many aspects of civilization. […]

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