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Ventiladores de impulso

Ventiladores de Impulso de gran alcance 400oC/2h, 300oC/1h y 200oC/2h, unidireccionales o reversibles. Ventilador: Conjunto de ventilador unidireccional o reversible compuestos de ventilador, silenciadores, deflectores y soportes, homologados para evacuación de humos, según norma EN-12101-3-2002, con certificación No: 0370-CPD-0394 Hélices orientables en fundición de aluminio, diseñadas para obtener grandes empujes Rejilla de protección contra contactos […]

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Report for Evaluation of Procleix® PANTHER® Wastewater

Source text: English PURPOSE The purpose of this document is to summarize results obtained during the execution of 295221, Protocol for Evaluation of Procleix® PANTHER® Wastewater. The analysis of Panther waste water was performed to obtain information to satisfy tender requirements. The testing was not intended as development or design verification/validation of the Panther. Data […]

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Roofing Adhesive

  Source text: English INSTA STIK™ Commercial Roofing Adhesive is used to attach most roof insulation boards and recover boards to roof decks including steel, concrete or wood in commercial or residential roof applications. DIRECTIONS: Insulation boards should be installed as per your local building codes. Call 1-888-868-1183 for detailed application instructions. INSTA STIK adhesive […]

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Propylene Glycol Animal Feed

Source text: English XX’s Propylene Glycol Animal Feed (PG AF) * is a high purity grade of monopropylene glycol for use in animal feed applications. The product is manufactured by the high temperature and high pressure hydrolysis of propylene oxide (PO) with excess water. PG AF is a distilled product with a purity specification of min. […]

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Polyurethane Foam

FROTH-PAK™ is a portable two component polyurethane spray foam kit which enables every professional to produce polyurethane foam of exceptionally high quality, quickly and easily, wherever and whenever required. FROTH-PAK is intended for use as foamed-in-place insulating air barrier sealant for air leakage control and insulation of gaps, cracks, cavities and joints in the building […]

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Workstation Instructions

English Text Translated Text Implementation Checklist – Primary Desktop Lista di controllo di implementazione – Desktop principale Welcome to your new Dow Workstation! Benvenuto nella tua nuova Dow Workstation! For primary desktop workstations, the transition to Dow Workstation 4.0 is a modified version of the primary laptop activities because of the differences in hardware. This […]

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Polyethylene Glycols – Methoxypolyethylene Glycols

Source Text: English CARBOWAX Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs) and CARBOWAX Methoxypolyethylene Glycols (MPEGs) are a family of watersoluble linear polymers formed by the addition reaction of ethylene oxide to an ethylene glycol equivalent. The general formula for polyethylene glycol is: H–(OCH2CH2)n–OH and for methoxypolyethylene glycol: CH3–(OCH2CH2)n–OH where “n” is the average number of repeating oxyethylene groups. […]

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