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Frank Loader System

Source text – English Unscrambler The Unscrambler may be equipped with either orange or white V-Belts. both color of V-belts are equivalent in form, fit, and function. Regardless of color, the procedures contained in this section are applicable. Unscrambler Rake Height – Adjustment The unscrambler rake (1, figure 8-9) prevents product, that is not properly […]

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Boat Brochure

Source text – English Simple Installation Remove existing drive from the boat, following the instructions in your Volvo manual. • Split the drive; remove the centre section; clean and prepare all mating surfaces. • Fit the new XX unit, using the new ‘O’ ring seals, shims and sealant provided. • Adjust the helm controls for new […]

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The Pure Water Guide

Source text – English 1 Introduction In today’s laboratories the availability of pure water is essential. While the domestic consumer considers tap water to be “pure”, the laboratory scientist regards it as grossly contaminated. It is common for analytical and experimental scientists to be concerned with elements and compounds at concentrations in the parts per […]

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Pharmaceutical Study

Source text – English A convergence of evidence indicates that the gamma secretase complex, comprised of the presenilin subunits, mediates the intra-membrane cleavage of Amyloid precursor protein (APP), and the Notch family of proteins (De Strooper, B., et al.. “Deficiency of presenilin-1 inhibits the normal cleavage of amyloid precursor protein.” Nature 391 (6665): 387-90 (1998); […]

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