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The Latin Word for “Breathe” Inspired Many English Terms

The Latin verb spirare, meaning “breathe,” is the source of a number of verbs (and other parts of speech). Here’s a summary of these words and their meanings. Aspire literally means “breathe on”; the connotation is that one breathes heavily with the exertion of aspiring to a goal. The modern sense of aspire is “try […]

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Abbreviations in Science and Technology

Because of the bewildering variety of abbreviations for scientific and technological terms and the inconsistency of treatment, writers and editors are advised to consult with publications like The Chicago Manual of Style or a handbook specific to a scientific discipline or to an industry to confirm standard modes of abbreviation for specific terms. This post […]

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The Word of the Year for 2016

Each year, several major lexicographers release their word of the year—the term that, among the most frequently looked-up words during the previous twelve months, has most prominently captured the zeitgeist. This post discusses the 2016 selections. Merriam-Webster selected surreal, a word apropos for a year in which various seemingly irrational, inexplicable events occurred. The dictionary […]

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Una copia del First Folio, un libro que contiene la colección de 36 obras de teatro de Shakespeare y que fue hallada en una mansión de la isla de Bute, en el este de Escocia, (Russell Cheyne - Reuters)

La tumba “maldita” de Shakespeare y otras curiosidades del genio inglés

 Se cumplen cuatrocientos años de la muerte de una figura clave de la literatura universal Pronunciar el nombre de William Shakespeare es bucear en un espacio inagotable de creatividad, una fuente de inspiración para tantos y tantos autores que han bebido de sus inagotables palabras, siempre tan fascinantes, tan perfectas. El Bardo de Avon supo plasmar como […]

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Picturing Don Quixote by Rachel Schmidt (The Public Domain Review)

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, author of one of the best-loved and most frequently illustrated books in the history of literature — Don Quixote. Rachel Schmidt explores how the varying approaches to illustrating the tale have reflected and impacted its reading through the centuries. Four hundred years […]

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