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“Making the price” of your translation services (as opposed to “taking the market price”)

Every business, whatever its nature, including your translation business, is pursuing a number of objectives to guide its activities and mandate its actions. One of the main business objectives is to be profitable. While there are other important factors  -growth, adding value to the company, etc.- without profitability it will not be possible to sustain […]

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The Trans-Cultural Comparative Literature Method: Using Grammar Translation Techniques Effectively

This article describes the Trans-Cultural Comparative Literature Method, an innovative way to use literature to teach advanced English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students This method originated from the authors’ discovery of common themes and points of view as they compared Turkmen and English literary texts. While the method employs activities associated with Communicative Language […]

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My Golden Rules for Quality Assurance

Article contributed by Andrei Gerasimov, a well-known and qualified English-Russian translator. In the highly competitive global translation market quality may be the main differentiator—a factor that makes the difference between success and failure. Quality assurance (QA) in translation may be defined as the act of maintaining translation services to ensure conformance to customer requirements or […]

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La competenza linguistica

Articolo di Marina Menéndez tradotto da Maria Antonietta Ricagno con il permesso dell’autrice. La competenza linguistica, designazione introdotta da Noam Chomsky, fa riferimento all’abilità dei parlanti di un lingua di interpretare e produrre testi. Consiste nella conoscenza della semantica, fonologia, sintassi e lessico di una data lingua. In tal senso, conoscere una lingua equivale a […]

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A importância do tempo para o tradutor independente

This is an adapted version of my original article “La importancia del tiempo para un traductor independiente”, by Marina Tavares, freelance translator. “Nemo aestimat tempus; utuntur illo laxius quasi gratuito.” “Ninguém dá valor ao tempo; usam-no prodigamente, como se fosse oferecido de forma gratuita.” (Séneca – Da Brevidade da Vida [De Brevitate Vitae]) O Tradutor […]

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