Stephen King has named his most hated expressions. What are yours?

Photograph: Steve Schofield

Photograph: Steve Schofield

The Atlantic’s fantastic interview on teaching, writing and reading with Stephen King is well worth reading in full. “It’s such a horrible idea to try teaching Moby-Dick or Dubliners to high school juniors. Even the bright ones lose heart. But it’s good to make them reach a little. They’ve got to see there are brighter literary worlds than Twilight. Reading good fiction is like making the jump from masturbation to sex … ”.

But perhaps the most interesting part is where teacher and writer Jessica Lahey wrangles out of King what his most irritating phrases of the moment are. The author had, in his memoir and writers’ manual On Writing, previously laid down the following laws: “I believe that anyone using the phrase ‘That’s so cool’ should have to stand in the corner and that those using the far more odious phrases ‘at this point in time’ and ‘at the end of the day’ should be sent to bed without supper”, also condemning passive verbs and adverbs. […]

(from The Guardian, Alison Flood, Sept. 2014)


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