Rights of the Translator

know-your-rightsText of the Rights of the Translator, approved by the Congress at Dubrovnik in 1963, and amended in Oslo on July 9, 199

Section II


13. Every translator shall enjoy all the rights with respect to the translation he/she has made, which the country where he/she exercises his/her activities grants to other intellectual workers.

14. A translation, being a creation of the intellect, shall enjoy the legal protection accorded to such works.

15. The translator is therefore the holder of copyright in his/her translation and consequently has the same privileges as the author of the original work.

16. The translator shall thus enjoy, with respect to his/her translation, all the moral rights of succession conferred by his/her authorship.

17. He/she shall consequently enjoy during his/her lifetime the right to recognition of his/her authorship of the translation, from which it follows, inter alia, that

(a) his/her name shall be mentioned clearly and unambiguously whenever his/her translation is used publicly

(b) he/she shall be entitled to oppose any distortion, mutilation or other modification of his/her translation

(c) publishers and other users of his/her translation shall not make changes therein without the translator’s prior consent

(d) he/she shall be entitled to prohibit any improper use of his/her translation and, in general, to resist any attack upon it that is prejudicial to his/her honour or reputation.

18. Furthermore, the exclusive right to authorize the publication, presentation, broadcasting, re-translation, adaptation, modification or other rendering of his/her translation, and, in general, the right to use his/her translation in any form shall remain with the translator.

19. For every public use of his/her translation the translator shall be entitled to remuneration at a rate fixed by contract or law. […]

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