‘Francesco’ (English translation) – Ebook

A clear, lucid and exciting story: a magnifying lens focusing on the dynamics and the oddities of human relationships. A plausible plot among four people, and the complexities of their relationships.

What remains to the reader from an emotional point of view is the amazing feeling of having tried at least once in a lifetime Hectór’s experience, a character suspended between reality and his own interior world full of memories, but also between a monotonous everyday life without a beginning or an end, and the desire to start again to experience new, strong, intense and unforgettable emotions.

Still tied to a dying relationship, Hectór decides to live accepting everything as is and, like a child before the truth, he will surrender to the simplicity of freshness and joy offered by a woman appeared from nowhere. Or maybe from an alternative past.

What emerges is the author’s ability to create an atmosphere of life truly lived, and extend the time of the story, so that – as a dress – it will fit to the unconscious dimension: the descriptions are brilliant brush strokes depicting the inner world of a man forced to fight against his own ghosts or be lulled by his memories.

An immersive and pleasant story that will involve the reader until the last page.

E-book details

  • Title: Francesco
  • Author: Enrico Miglino
  • First English edition, Ediciones Baleares
  • Language: EN
  • Translator: Maria Antonietta Ricagno
  • Assistant translator: Jim Hibbert


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