About Us

I am a technical translator with over 20 years experience in the field of translating technical documentation from English and Spanish into Italian.

My working fields span from Medicine to Legal, from Engineering to Art, from Electronics to Software, you mention it…. I do it.

I offer a full range of aids in linguistics, from the more standard translations to formatted translations using all the most advanced programs in the publishing and translating industry. Proofreading, translation memories, and alignment are just a few of the services I provide my customers with.

My aim is to go beyond the usual customer relationship, my target is a long-lasting customer partnership!

In addition to translation, my interests span from Medieval history to photography. I also run a publishing house, which is exclusively dedicated to e-books – in English, Italian and Spanish – and video production.

To contact me, send an e-mail to ricagno.technical.translations@gmail.com

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