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Abbreviations in Science and Technology

Because of the bewildering variety of abbreviations for scientific and technological terms and the inconsistency of treatment, writers and editors are advised to consult with publications like The Chicago Manual of Style or a handbook specific to a scientific discipline or to an industry to confirm standard modes of abbreviation for specific terms. This post […]

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The Word of the Year for 2016

Each year, several major lexicographers release their word of the year—the term that, among the most frequently looked-up words during the previous twelve months, has most prominently captured the zeitgeist. This post discusses the 2016 selections. Merriam-Webster selected surreal, a word apropos for a year in which various seemingly irrational, inexplicable events occurred. The dictionary […]

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Darío Villanueva/EFE

Darío Villanueva: “La RAE nunca hará un Diccionario políticamente correcto”

El nuevo director de la Real Academia Española ha respondido así a las quejas por sobre la acepción de la palabra ‘gitano’ como “trapacero” El nuevo director de la Real Academia Española, Darío Villanueva, ha dejado hoy muy claro que la RAE “no hará nunca un Diccionario políticamente correcto” y no suprimirá por tanto algunas […]

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The First Truly Recognizable Dictionary

Between 1040 and 1050 Papias, an Italian sometimes known as Papias the Lombard or Papias the Grammarian, wrote Elementarium doctrinae rudimentum. This work, which was in circulation by 1053, has been called the “first fully recognizable dictionary.” “The Elementarium . . . is a landmark in the development of dictionaries as distinct from mere collections of glosses. Papias arranges entries […]

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