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Confessioni di un neologista: se metti in magazzino l’effimero, mostra le parole nuove

Articolo di Giovanni Adamo, dirigente di ricerca nell’area linguistica del Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche. L’interesse per uno studio sistematico della neologia è relativamente recente: si può collocare negli ultimi decenni del XX secolo, più o meno negli stessi anni nei quali si sviluppa e acquisisce il suo statuto disciplinare la lessicologia, cioè lo studio del […]

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Going freelance: are you ready?

The first question to ask when you plan to pursue a career as a freelance translator is apparently simple, yet crucial. How do I know if I’m ready for this job? Of course, you can work as a translator within an agency and therefore be an employee, in which case the problem does not arise. […]

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I offer translation  and language consultancy for any type of texts from English and Spanish into Italian, in addition to proofreading and editing of texts – either original and already translated – and file format conversions. All translations are proofread in-house and/or by external collaborators before deliver, so to assure quality and consistency of the target […]

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