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The efficient investment of time by the freelance translator – Practical rules to schedule your work-day and activities

As a freelance translator, are you ‘free’ to work at your own discretion and with no rules? Of course no. The wrong and widespread assumption according to which freelancers enjoy more freedom of movement if compared to employees is definitely a misunderstanding. Working as a freelancer implies a strong sense of responsibility and requires a strict […]

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A importância do tempo para o tradutor independente

This is an adapted version of my original article “La importancia del tiempo para un traductor independiente”, by Marina Tavares, freelance translator. “Nemo aestimat tempus; utuntur illo laxius quasi gratuito.” “Ninguém dá valor ao tempo; usam-no prodigamente, como se fosse oferecido de forma gratuita.” (Séneca – Da Brevidade da Vida [De Brevitate Vitae]) O Tradutor […]

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