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Open-source Software, Free Software and Creative Commons Licences

Sometimes, people suffer from prejudices towards things new. Despite information about open-source being more and more widespread, the knowledge about this topic is still somehow confused. Many people confuse open-source software with ‘pirate’ software, on the false assumption that, because it is free or no payment is required to acquire a licence, that it is […]

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Workstation Instructions

English Text Translated Text Implementation Checklist – Primary Desktop Lista di controllo di implementazione – Desktop principale Welcome to your new Dow Workstation! Benvenuto nella tua nuova Dow Workstation! For primary desktop workstations, the transition to Dow Workstation 4.0 is a modified version of the primary laptop activities because of the differences in hardware. This […]

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I offer translation  and language consultancy for any type of texts from English and Spanish into Italian, in addition to proofreading and editing of texts – either original and already translated – and file format conversions. All translations are proofread in-house and/or by external collaborators before deliver, so to assure quality and consistency of the target […]

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